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Cumberland County
Board Of Education Candidates

The candidates listed here are those in contested school board races


There may be more seats open in a race than candidates listed. In this event, we suggest only casting a ballot for the candidate or candidates listed, as we do not believe the other people running align with the values we believe are inherent to quality public education and teacher retention. 


In some cases, there may be many more candidates running than seats available. In this event, we have made some difficult assessments and flagged only as many candidates as seats open to avoid splitting the vote and have no one cross the line with a win. 


We sincerely thank everyone who is running for school board this year. We believe these are the most important races on the 2023 ballot. Please make a plan to return your vote by mail ballot promptly, or make a plan to cast your ballot in person during early voting or on November 7, 2023. 


Finally, candidates can’t win without our active support. Talk to your friends and neighbors. Share information about who is running and why you’re voting for them. The majority of people in our communities do not know any of the candidates in a BOE election. Let’s change that this year!


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