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2023 Candidate
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Public schools need to work for every student and every parent.  That simple idea goes to the very heart of what makes public education so important…what makes communities strong…what brings value to taxpayers…and what builds a brighter future.   


Our public schools serve us best when they do what they do best—teaching students how to think…not what to think.  Banning books and targeting vulnerable young people have no place in any public school


And frankly, none of this should be controversial.  


While Districts for Democracy does not endorse school board candidates, we do value individuals who share these fundamental ideals. 


Candidates must be committed to fostering a supportive environment for teachers and recognize their vital role in our education system, and demonstrate a commitment to ensuring that every student, regardless of their background or beliefs, has access to a supportive school environment.


Finally, we think that our classrooms should remain focused on education, and candidates who prioritize this over fanning the flames of partisan culture wars (and spending local tax dollars on lawsuits instead of students) align with our mission to support quality public education for all.

Click on the counties below to find pro-public-school 2023 Board of Education Candidates in contested races.

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